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Will Kreutz in his famous 2 CV delivery van

My philosophy,
my past and upcoming projects.

The secret behind the concept and the common denominator between the two “national” brands,

Roude Léiw and **Gëlle Fra®?

The men and women who collaborate and work hard at developing these common projects, as well as the

“Made in Luxembourg” label affixed to these brands, which complements the country’s nation branding. 


The creator of these brands, Will Kreutz, the founder of Atypical, working alone together, brings his ideas to life by:

° meticulously selecting his local partners and producers, under strict criteria

° actively participating in the elaboration of the final product, which will be in line

with the desired quality and taste

° developing the packaging designs, an optimal communication strategy, meaningful merchandising, etc.

° elaborating a large distribution network with Supermarkets, Delicatessen stores, Gas Stations,

Grocery shops a.m.m.

°An all-rounding online shop with a very fast delivery service and there is so much more to come in the near future.


The producers are local and renowned family businesses, usually represented by the newer generation,

capable of respecting the raw materials they work with and possessing the required know-how

to provide products of an outstanding quality. 

A bit of history...

Bio Roude Léiw Bounekaffi

I handed over my Bio Roude Léiw Bounekaffi activity to Letz.S.A. in September 2021, which, in hindsight,

definitely turns out not to be the best decision I could have made.

My blends created and defined by me and my favorite roaster and friend, Tim Doppler of Budai Coffee, based in Contern, remained unchanged, are now roasted by the buyer, based in Koetschette,

who manages as best he can but without ever achieving the initial quality, of the production as well as the distribution of my renowned range of coffees.

Without the coffee specialties however, which I created during the 6 years of collaboration with Tim Doppler.

Ultimately a huge disappointment after the immense volume of work that I invested throughout this adventure.

I have of course introduced the buyer to all my trusted and long-standing partners, in particular the manufacturer of wooden capsules rezemo® and my partner for filling capsules appcoffee, both based in Germany.

And before leaving the table, I already overseen, for free, the re-design of my initial packaging 500 G and 1000 G, with a flat bottom

as well as the development and design for the Single Origin edition in wooden capsules.

What's next?

​Since 2022 I'm managing my other europe wide protected brand Gëlle Fra®  (

The Gëlle Fra® products

 6 Year aged Single Malt Whisky Gëlle Fra® and a perfect Dry Gin Gëlle Fra®

NEW !  Gëlle Fra ® Marc de Grappes

in collaboration with Mariette and Camille Duhr at Diedenacker Distillery in Niederdonven.

Crémant de Luxembourg Gëlle Fra®, Brut First Edition "Black" in collaboration with Domaine Henri Ruppert in Schengen (Sold out)

Organic Rosé wine Gëlle Fra® in collaboration with Domaine Krier-Welbes in Ellange-Gare

Crémant de Luxembourg Gëlle Fra®, Brut in collaboration with Domaine Mathes in Wormeldange

and the luxembourg artist Gigi Bibs Biberich

Limited on 296 bottles of a Crémant de Luxembourg, Rosé, 6 years fermented in the bottle

with Domaine Mathes in Wormeldange. (Sold out)

Gëlle Fra® Special beer "Strong Ale"  in collaboration with Den Heischter in Heiderscheid.

NEW !  And more recently Crémant de Luxembourg Gëlle Fra®, Brut, 6 years fermented in the bottle

with Domaine Schumacher-Lethal in Wormeldange

Coming up:

NEW !  Crémant de Luxembourg Gëlle Fra®, Brut 2nd Edition "White"

with Domaine Schumacher-Lethal in Wormeldange

1923/2023 - 100 years Gëlle Fra.
Gëlle Fra (“Golden Woman”) is a gilded bronze statue by the Luxembourg artist Claus Cito.
It was erected with funds raised during a national fundraising drive in honour of the 2000 volunteers from Luxembourg

who died on the field of battle in World War I.
Inaugurated on 27 May 1923, Gëlle Fra, the symbol of the national resistance, was destroyed by the Nazis in 1940,

but was then partially reconstructed in 1945. It was fully restored to its original appearance in 1985.
The statue pays homage to all Luxembourgers who died for the freedom and independence of their country.

This is how the courage and self-denial of the volunteers in World War II were highlighted by Grand Duchess Charlotte

on one of the sides of the pedestal, while the Gëlle Fra also pays homage to the contingent that Luxembourg dispatched to Korea

at the request of the UN.
Situated in the Square de la Constitution in the City of Luxembourg, the Gëlle Fra was exhibited at the entrance

of the Luxembourgish pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.



What about the coffee?

I remain a passionate coffee addict and I am very proud and pleased that I have been asked to work for some

international coffee brands as well.

And yes, I am ready to be a part of some very interesting upcoming collaborations and to contribute the skills and experience

I have earned since I started out in the coffee business.

And yes: I'll be back!

(de)signed to please® in Luxembourg by Will Kreutz.

**Gëlle Fra®: Enregistrement de marque de l'Union Européenne N° 016050437

 Stay tuned!

And I mean it...


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We'd love to hear from you

Atypical // Will Kreutz 2023 © All rights reserved.

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